What is My Favorite Photograph That I Have Ever Taken?

People ask me this question all the time, so I decided to write it down for future reference. It is nearly impossible to pick one photo out of the hundreds of thousands I have taken…but if I am forced to answer the question, I would have to split it into two categories…wedding photo and person photo.

My Favorite Wedding Photo

My favorite wedding photo that I have ever taken is probably this one (click to see the larger version):


Why? It is not my best photo, or even my most awe-inspiring. It might be more of a memory of the entire day encapsulated within this one image. The day for this couple was perfect. It was at a winery in southern Virginia. The weather was great, the guests were fun, they partied into the night and everything about it was enjoyable. Yes, I do many weddings that are always enjoyable, but with this one everything was just right. It was the first wedding I did where I felt like a guest more than a vendor as the couple was so kind and welcoming to me. Do not get me wrong, all of my clients are amazing and wonderful…it was just at this point in time after taking this photo I felt like wedding photography was something I was talented enough to do. So with this photo, I asked them all to do something crazy on the count of three, and this was the result. Beautiful scenery….great expressions…great lighting…my favorite :)

Personal Photo

For my personal photo…this is much harder. I cannot pick one, but I have to say this photo series:


Myrtle Beach, SC is a special place to me and my brother…we have been going there every year since our toddler years. Well this particular year my brother proposed to his long-time girlfriend. I was able to photograph it for him. The link above has the full story, but here it is pasted below:

I talk to my brother Josh on a daily basis. So when he sent me an instant message asking me to do him a favor I thought nothing of it. Then when he told me he wanted me to photograph him proposing to his long-time girlfriend Katy at North Myrtle Beach, I jumped up out of my office chair! We spent the next two weeks planning the whole scenario. We would all be vacationing down there together, so the day we arrived, I asked both of them if they wanted to come for a walk on the beach with me while I took photographs of the sunrise (something we have done together before). The next morning, the weather was perfect – crystal clear and the sun and sky were full of bright oranges and yellows. We made our way down the beach, and I ran ahead pretending to show interest in a flock of seagulls. At that moment, my brother got down on one knee and popped the question, as I turned to capture their life-changing moment. My parents were vacationing with us as well, so I made sure I captured their reactions on camera as well once Josh and Katy told them the exciting news :-)